HP20 is a high performance stereo phono amplifier for MM and MC phono cartridges. HP20 offers exceptional performance in terms of transparency, dynamic and extraordinary imaging capability at its price range.

Ultra low noise semiconductor devices and audio grade electronic components are extensively used in HP20. We have implemented passive RIAA equalizer for HP20 because the elements of the equalizer have less coloration to the sound compared with active feedback RIAA equalizer.

Two discrete ultra low noise precision DC regulated power supplies are used for main dual power supplies. Additionally, four ultra low noise power supplies are used locally near to the amplifying circuits. These ensure that power supplies are free from noise throughout the phono amplifier.

HP20 follows the same generic structure of the higher version phono amplifier HP10 except without having a vacuum tube output buffer. The sonic performance of HP20 is nearly identical to HP10 but at a much affordable price level. HP20 is an excellent choice for use with any phono cartridges.



A stereo MM/MC phono amplifier with passive RIAA equalizer



One set for MM or MC



One set of unbalanced and one set of balanced output



40dB for unbalanced output and additional 6dB for balanced output



47k Ohm



60 and 70dB for unbalanced output and additional 6dB for balanced output



10, 33, 100, 250, 500 Ohm                


(Specifications subject to change without prior notice.)




20 – 20,000Hz, ±0.3dB (for MM and MC)






430 Ohm for unbalanced output

860 Ohm for balanced output



10k Ohm



70dB for MC, 85dB for MM






110 x 325 x 356mm (H x W x L)





“The little HP20 also reproduced tonal shadings and instrumental timbres with impressive color, texture, and resolution, regardless of the table or cartridge used.”


“Vintage vinyl treasures really sang in the HP20's presence.”


“…very good transparency to sources, impressive speed of attack, and solid bass slam, plus fancy more than a whiff of the air and openness that one typically associates with tube phono preamps…”


“Very highly recommended!” Maurice Jeffries (Click here to read the review.)



"I wasn’t surprised that it sounded good but I was surprised at just how good it sounded given its price tag. The HP20 has a sense of ease and openness to it that does not come with phono preamps at this price. It is very musical and eerily quiet with not much background noise. This level performance was more indicative of a more expensive preamp. Sonically, the HP20 does a fine job of capturing tonal colors and paints a picture with a palette that is slightly warm but not close to being objectionable. It won’t be confused with being a detail-hawk like a Klyne but the HP20 does retrieve a goodly amount of detail.


Once more, the HP20 sounded like a performer that whose flaws would be hard to hear unless you had nothing better to do but pick at nits. ... Highly recommended." Mike Wright (Click here to read the review.)



"I found that its combination of inherent musicality and a smooth, open midrange communicated the music in a way that reminded me of a good tube preamp. Furthermore, its low noise floor and compatibility with a wide swath of phono cartridges mean that it will work well in a variety of systems. I could live with the HP20 as part of my system, and contentedly, too."


"Those who prize this quality above all others will find a lot to like in the HP20, and will think $1600 a fair price to pay for the level of musical satisfaction it offers. And it’s to those listeners that I heartily recommend the JE Audio HP20." Oliver Amnuayphol (Click here to read the review.)



HP20 was named one of the 2017 Stereo Times "Most Wanted Components."

"John Lam has to be one of China’s most talented high-end audio designers.  The HP 20 is a solid-state phono preamp whose performance is not far at all from the performance of their stellar, vacuum-tube based HP 10 that our Dave Thomas reviewed.  Like it’s elder brother, the cartridge impedance loading and gain can be set on the front panel, is very quiet at all volume levels and is built to a very high standard.  The HP20’s build, performance, and feature set allow it to compete with phono preamps costing more than twice its price." Mike Wright (Click here to read the details.)



"HP20 takes back acoustically and allows musicians to show what they can. It focuses on a realistic and clear soundstage. You can get used to this qualities of HP20 very fast. A very clean performance!" Translated from German. (Click the icon to read the full review.)