HP20 is a high performance stereo phono amplifier for MM and MC phono cartridges. HP20 offers exceptional performance in terms of transparency, dynamic and extraordinary imaging capability at its price range.

Ultra low noise semiconductor devices and audio grade electronic components are extensively used in HP20. We have implemented passive RIAA equalizer for HP20 because the elements of the equalizer have less coloration to the sound compared with active feedback RIAA equalizer.

Two discrete ultra low noise precision DC regulated power supplies are used for main dual power supplies. Additionally, four ultra low noise power supplies are used locally near to the amplifying circuits. These ensure that power supplies are free from noise throughout the phono amplifier.

HP20 follows the same generic structure of the higher version phono amplifier HP10 except without having a vacuum tube output buffer. The sonic performance of HP20 is nearly identical to HP10 but at a much affordable price level. HP20 is an excellent choice for use with any phono cartridges.













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