JE Audio was found in 2007 by John Lam with a strong commitment to produce the finest quality audio electronics. Our dedication to lifelike reproduction of music has led to many technical innovations, awards and great reviews. We are proud to be different. We have our own idea about what is imperative and how things should be done. We are obsessive about details, and would go extra miles to develop new audio amplifying topologies and to select the most suitable components for the applications.


In 2007, we first launched the VL10 preamplifier and VM60 power amplifier. Both are fully balanced design with innovative vacuum tube technologies that resulted in two patents and many great reviews. In pursuit of the finest audio reproduction, we have developed hybrid technology to make both vacuum tubes and solid-state semiconductor devices working together. By using the techniques that we have developed over the years in orchestrating the vacuum tubes and solid-state devices to work together, JE Audio is producing some of the finest audio products available in the high-end audio market today.


John Lam is the chief designer in JE Audio. John has established an early interest in audio electronics since high school. He received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and several patents for innovative audio amplifier designs. Prior to founding JE Audio, John had worked in the semiconductor industries for over 12 years in various technical and management positions. He is now fully dedicating his work in audio products development.